Visual Design

Space design is building and classifying a 3D-space. As an artist Solja Upola sees the same regularities between a 3D-space and 2D-surface, whether she's designing a part of an exposition, a window decoration or something comparable.

Visual marketing and space design create images and also make their object more enjoyable. When it comes to displaying products, a well-done visual design increases outlet.

In addition, marketing, for instance, designing logos and other pr-material is Upola's branch, as well as calligraphy and hand-made signs.

The pictures on the left were taken at the airport of Rovaniemi in 2006-2010. The space decorations exhibited also included a window painting The Four Seasons. The design was all about the fabulousness and mystique of Lapland introduced through animal characters and spectacular views.

- Visual Logo Design

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